Photographing Tutankhamun, the blog, is a place to share work-in-progress and ideas-in-progress; glimpses from photographic archives where I’ve had the privilege of carrying out research; and news and views on art, archaeology, and photography.

Photographing Tutankhamun is an exhibition about the photographs taken by Harry Burton during the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt, from 1922 to 1932. The exhibition opened 10 November 2017 at The Collection, Lincoln and runs until the end of February 2018.

Photographing Tutankhamun is also the book I’m writing about the role photography played during the Tutankhamun excavation – and ever since, as the photographs became ‘archives’ and as ‘King Tut’ fell in and out of public favour and academic fashion. The book will be published by Bloomsbury in 2018, in a fantastic series called Photography, History: History, Photography.